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What Is



HouseCall Connect is a “physician designed and tested” online tool that links patients to providers through a web portal to remotely monitor patient-health status, improve patient outcomes, and disease prevention.  By using this telehealth tool, providers can make “house calls”, extending their clinical reach by providing a new point-of-service to connect with their patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases – where there are significant advantages from being closely monitored.

HouseCall is especially effective with at-risk populations, transitional patients, and complex condition management situations.  It can be used with chronically ill patients who find it challenging to commute to and from outpatient facilities. Using HouseCall can also optimize accountable models of care – where the goal is to reduce costs, prevent hospital readmissions, and improve the quality of care.


100% Web Based

HouseCall operates over secure web channels, using the WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) protocol. A functioning webcam is all you need – there is no complex hardware to set up or software to download.

Medical Device Integration

Using USB connections or API integrations, we can seamlessly integrate a host of medical devices to monitor vitals and other audio or video readings.

1-to-1 or Multi-Party

There are times when it is advantageous in involve a third-party during consults, for expert opinion or support. HouseCall allows you to include them as needed.

Care Coordination

HouseCall provides a single flexible portal where providers can send secure messages, conduct virtual visits and submit consult notes back to providers.

Adaptable Workflow

Incorporate various forms (like consent) and other online assessment tools to support clinical workflow. There is also an option to facilitate online payments if needed.


HouseCall Connect will work just as well using mobile devices as it does on the desktop, with the exception of USB device integration. A full-blown mobile app is currently in the works.

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